Tame Cloud Complexity

Deref is a next-generation cloud management platform that helps to get your infrastructure under control.

Within a minute of connecting Deref, we found over $5,000 of unused resources and IAM credentials that should have been revoked long ago.

Andrew Sampson
CEO, Rainway

Instant win. We discovered not one but three of the largest GPU instances spun up ~36 months ago... still running in a region none of us ever pays attention to.

Before Deref, we tracked our numerous environments and AWS accounts in a spreadsheet. Now, it's all in one place.

Anthony DiSanti

Deref saves users thousands of dollars in cloud spend.
Here's how:


Search, browse, and query your infrastructure.

  • Global perspective
    Multi-cloud and multi-region.
    Quick access to all your providers.
  • Resource graph
    See related resources and uncover hidden dependencies.
  • Developer portal
    Views arranged by your needs, not your vendors'.
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Work together to resolve incidents quicker and build better software.

  • Ownership
    Identify teams and individuals who are responsible for resources.
  • Version control
    Rollback configuration to a known good state after the fire is put out.
  • Cost attribution
    Pinpoint services and changes affecting spend.
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Isolate and eliminate complexity by cutting out clutter.

  • Auto-tag
    Integrate knowledge from multiple sources to fill in the gaps.
  • Cloud Lint
    Find and fix problems before they blow up in production.
  • Infra to Code
    Import existing resources into Infrastructure as Code.
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Deref works with your stack.

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